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Además de tener las últimas tecnologías de automatización y de control, dichas tecnologías se utiliza para proteger la información de AG2 y de sus clientes.

  • CKD's
    We are leaders and pioneers in comprehensive solutions for Development Capital Certificates (CKDs). We have an important market share, making us a fundamental player within the ecosystem. We participate with the team of the Mexican Stock Exchange in the establishment of the applicable taxonomy, which is currently the official taxonomy for financial reports to the authority.
  • CERPIs
    Our associates help do the accounting for various issuing trusts from a Trustee's liability standpoint. We participate directly and indirectly in 6 out of 10 issuances of Investment Project Certificates (CERPIs).
  • REITs
    We have extensive experience serving REITs and eligible companies by providing comprehensive services. In our scope we take into account the complexity that they present at an administrative and accounting level, making sure that they are covered and with the degree of detail that the tax authorities require.
  • ETFs
    We serve 100% of the ETFs domiciled in Mexico. Including the largest securitized ETF -NAFTRAC- managed by BlackRock (iShares). We also provide the service to other Fund Operators such as Vanguard, BBVA and Actinver.
    We offer Accounting Services for Administration, Guarantee and Payment Source Trusts. We have experience in public and private issues.
    In the case of Non Banking Financial Institutiosn (NBFIs – SOFOMES), we serve this segment with comprehensive backoffice, accounting, regulatory reports, compliance with CONDUSEF and the CNBV in terms of Anti Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. In addition, we provide authorized systems for the automation and administration of credit or lease portfolios, compliance officer services, process, policy manual and NBFI (SOFOM) constitution.
    We have extensive experience serving Private Equity Trusts (FICAPs). Our comprehensive services support the Administration to focus on the investments, generating the best returns to their Limited Partners. We generate the necessary reports to carry out adequate control for investors.
    Comprehensive business process and backoffice services for the Fintech segment. The intention is for the Fintech company to concentrate on its business and AG2 Solutions, in a coordinated manner, take care of administrative and regulatory issues. Our services include: accounting, regulatory reports, compliance with CONDUSEF and CNBV in matters of Anti Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism, automated systems, compliance officer, processes and policies manual.
    Derived from the regulatory changes and the reinforcements in the revisions of the authority (CNBV, SAT, IPAB, etc.), the trustees have seen the need to request the services of a third party specialized in different operational and regulatory areas of the own business. At AG2 we have vast experience working with the fiduciary sector offering our Trust Asset Valuation services, preparation and review of accounting guidelines, KYC due diligence, implementation and control of FATCA & CRS, preparation of financial statements for issuing trusts, among others.
    Payroll preparation and labor compliance through the OSMOS technology platform. We take care of everything from the calculation to the dispersion, issuance of payroll receipts, portal for each employee, tax calculations, information returns, capture lines and incident reports.
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